Monday, August 2, 2010

MMS - Chlorine Dioxide - Water Purification Drops

MMS has a Long History of Use
For 80 years Stabilized Oxygen set on the shelves of holistic doctors and health food stores and held one of the biggest health ever discovered. Finally someone added some vinegar, and probably the most amazing immune system enhancement ever developed was invented

The inventor-- Jim Humble -- cured malaria, aids, hepatitis, herpes and dozens of other diseases in hours and days instead of weeks and years (maybe some diseases are never cured by pharmaceutical products.)

This is the story of the MMS discovery and the struggle to bring it to the world. You can help yourself and your family – just try it!

You can even make this miracle mineral solution in your kitchen for pennies. Read about the amazing Chlorine dioxide Ion and how it helps in all sickness – even removing heavy metals from the body.

Free mineral information and free eBook...
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Reiki Blog at -- Reiki Healing–Remote Distance Healing and blog on mineral supplement-- where Taylore shares techniques.

Taylore and her partner are dedicated to helping others. They have an energy healing center at the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA. They have taken MMS (WP - water purification drops for 3 years now... and cured their own Lyme disease with it.)

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